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Mike Mayock: Kuechly Would Be A "Slam Dunk" For Eagles

Yes, I understand that this is not Luke Kuechly, it's Jerel Worthy of the Michigan State Spartans (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Yes, I understand that this is not Luke Kuechly, it's Jerel Worthy of the Michigan State Spartans (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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I've been continuing to comb through the Mike Mayock conference call for Eagles related tidbits and here he was was asked if he would still favor taking Luke Kuechly even if top rated defensive tackle was still on the board at #15?

Typically the answer is yes. Typically the answer is if both players are approximately equally ranked, then you'd probably want to go defensive tackle first.

You and I both know the Eagles have struggled at that inside linebacker position for a long time now.
I think Kuechly is a special player, and I think Kuechly can help solidify what's happening on that defense. He's going to get everybody lined up in the right place. He's going to play well. I think he starts day one, and he helps really solidify what's going on upfront there.

Now, having said that, at 15, there could be two or three explosive defensive tackles sitting there. Jerel Worthy from Michigan State. I thought he threw around the Wisconsin offensive linemen. Those Wisconsin offensive linemen can play. And I thought he dominated the front of that game.

He doesn't play as often as I like, but he's got special abilities. This Donteri Poe from Memphis is 350 pounds. He's got a physical skill set that reminds me of Haloti Ngata. Don't think he's Haloti Ngata. He's that big and he's got those kind of movement skills. But he's so raw, it's scary. He might not make a tackle year one. You know what I mean? He's one of those guys.

If I'm the Eagles and Kuechly's there, that might be a slam dunk for me. I know what I'm getting and I'm plugging a huge hole.

After the jump, Mayock mentions a few guys that could also slip to #15 that may be of interest to the Eagles.

Mayock says it could depend on what happens with DeSean Jackson.

Who could slip to 15, huh? I think Jerel Worthy from Michigan State could slip to 15. I happen to like him a lot. I think we've already talked about Kuechly. I don't know what is going to happen with DeSean Jackson, if DeSean Jackson was not a Philadelphia Eagle, I think you'd have to be looking at a Kendall Wright who is a similar type of guy.

If Michael Brockers was there, which I doubt. If Michael Brockers was there, I would jump all over him. They'd be the kind of guys I'd be thinking about.

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