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Mike Mayock Talks Linebacker Fits For Eagles

Mike Mayock held a conference call with reporters this week ahead of the NFL combine, which is now less than a week away. Among the topics he addressed was what the Eagles could do at the linebacker position with their 15th pick.

His advice first and foremost is for the team to take Boston College LB Luke Kuechly.

I think he's the best inside linebacker in this draft by far. He's a natural three-year junior. He's got more production than you could imagine. He's never been hurt. He's got no significant injuries. He's clean off the field, intelligent. He's got great instincts, and he's a better athlete than people think.

People think he's an inside linebacker from Boston College, so he can't run. Well, he can run. I've put on -- I'm going to say, five or six tapes at

least of this kid -- every once in a while he's going to get enveloped by a big body. But his instincts are so good and his ability to move under or over a block are so good, and his play making and instincts are so good.

Think about Sean Lee. That is the best comparison. Sean Lee went in the second round to Dallas, but has become a Pro Bowl inside linebacker. And I think this kid is very similar and has none of the knee issues that Sean had, and is a slightly better athlete.

So if he's not there, I think you've got a little bit of a problem inside. Dont'a Hightower could be there. I don't think Dont'a Hightower from Alabama is worthy of the fifth pick in the draft. And I don't think there are any other inside linebackers worthy of that pick.

So from my perspective, if it's not Kuechly at 15 and you're looking inside, I don't see an inside linebacker. Some people like Vontaze Burfict from Arizona State, I'm not a fan at all. So I think he'd be better off dropping down into the second or third round at that point.

So clearly Mayock is a big fan of Kuechly and certainly the prospect of getting the next Sean Lee, even better a Sean Lee without injury issues, is a very attractive. Did Mike sway your opinion at all?

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