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The Linc - Hugh Douglas Trolls Jaguars Fans

Remember when Hugh Douglas was on the Jaguars? Me neither.
Remember when Hugh Douglas was on the Jaguars? Me neither.

Does Haynesworth to Eagles make sense? - NFC East Blog - ESPN
If there's one team in the NFL that might think it can get something out of Big Al, it may well be the Eagles. Their defensive line coach, Jim Washburn, was Haynesworth's defensive line coach in Tennessee.

Roseman non-committal on Asante's return
Roseman declined to discuss whether cornerback Asante Samuel will return to the Eagles, providing the stock answer that the phone always rings when a team has a surplus at a position. But Roseman believes that the trio of Pro Bowl cornerbacks can still work in the Eagles’ secondary.

Could The Eagles Add A Hybrid DB In The 2012 Draft? - SB Nation Philly
The Eagles used Nnamdi Asomugha as a hybrid DB last year. Didn't work too well. If they try it again, who might they target in the draft?

Study: concussions down 50 percent on kickoffs
A study by the NFL reveals that concussions on kickoffs decreased by 50 percent as a result of the league's rule changes.

Hugh Douglas Admits To Stealing From Jaguars, Blames God For His Poor Play - Big Cat Country
I frankly got a kick out of Hugh Douglas trolling Jaguars fans.

This is just funny.

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