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Howie Roseman Sounds Like He Wants DeSean Jackson Back

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Howie Roseman spoke today and while he obviously didn't directly reveal the teams' plans, he did seem to hint that the team wants DeSean Jackson back.

"We feel very fortunate to have him on our team," Roseman said Thursday. "He's a player that we drafted, we've grown (with), and we think he's got a great future ahead."

Roseman said that their focus this year was, "really what we want to do is draft and re-sign our own."

"You want to always keep your really good players under contract. That’s the way it’s always been," Roseman said when we asked whether the team had any reluctance to use the franchise tag. "It’s been draft and lets extend them and re-sign them. It just doesn’t always happen that that’s how it works."

Roseman's statements today combined with Jeff McLane's report from earlier in the week certainly make it seem likely that DeSean will be back next season.

Oh and in case you're worried about Drew Rosenhaus getting in the way... Howie says don't. He says he's got a productive relationship with Drew.

"Very productive," he said. "I think that it's grown a lot from 2005. I think we all learned a lot from what happened at that point, and I have no problem talking to him, spending time with him, and I think the relationship is continuing to build and it's going to continue to get better."

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