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Eagles Won't Raise Season Ticket Prices For Next Season

The Eagles haven't give their season ticket holders much to cheer about over the past couple seasons (they went just 3-5 at home last year), but this news is sure to make those ticket holders smile... or more accurately, it will prevent them frowning.

Eagles president Joe Banner announced that the team will not be raising season ticket prices for next season.

"This is something we're thrilled to be able to do," said Banner, who said this is the fourth year in a row prices have been stable. "There aren't many teams who are selling out their stadiums and have a waiting list of more than 40,000 who are doing that. In fact, I would say there aren't any teams like that who haven't raised prices for four years."

Les Bowen also noted that Banner pointed out how prices for Eagles tickets on the secondary market (ticket sites etc) are often among the highest in the leauge. This is an indication that the team certainly could have raised prices and still sold all of their tickets if they wanted to. His referencing the 40k strong waiting list basically says the same thing.

So rather than just let it be out there that the team isn't raising prices and allowing people to see it as altruistic, Banner wants you to be sure just how nice the Eagles are being here...

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