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The Linc - Oh Hai Kate Upton

Kate Upton/Swimsuit 2012 cover. Photograph by Walter Iooss Jr. <a href="" target="new">See more of Kate Upton at SI Swimsuit 2012</a>.
Kate Upton/Swimsuit 2012 cover. Photograph by Walter Iooss Jr. See more of Kate Upton at SI Swimsuit 2012.

Kate Upton Is On The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
It's that wonderful time of year again.... The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition is out and the ridiculously gorgeous 19 year old Florida native Kate Upton is on the cover. Also US Women's National Soccer team star Alex Morgan in nothing but body paint...

DeSean To Be Tagged & More FB Talk
Andy Reid wants DeSean Jackson back. He really does. He wants to pay him good money. The problem is that he and the Eagles are reportedly $2M per year off from what DeSean and Drew Rosenhaus want per year. That’s a significant difference.

Somehow, even after $66 million, T.O. is broke
Somehow, after accumulating more than $66 million in salary, Terrell Owens is completely broke.

Is Kuechly 'D' pick?
Boston College's Luke Kuechly doesn't know a lot about the Eagles' defense, but he said he'd be happy to come here if picked.

'Dancing With the Stars' casting buzz erupts
Vince Young? The quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles recently posted on Twitter that he had been invited to compete, but then the tweet was deleted.

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