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Eagles Reportedly "Curious" About Randy Moss

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Randy Moss held his 35th birthday celebration on Ustream and used the occasion to announce that he plans to make a comeback to the NFL next season. Moss had retired prior to last year but still reportedly had interest from a number of teams over the course of the season.

"Your boy is going to come back and play some football," he told viewers.

Yahoo! Sports' NFL writer Jason Cole cites a source who says that the Eagles are among those teams "curious" about Moss.

According to a source close to Moss, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jets are at least curious and the San Francisco 49ers could look to fill a hole if they let go of Josh Morgan in free agency. A source with one of those teams conveyed via text it would be "intriguing" to see what Moss has left in the tank after a year away from the game.

Andy Reid has seemingly had a longtime interest in Moss, so it wouldn't be a surprise to hear that there was at least some interest on the Eagles part. Reid made him a hefty offer after his contract with New England in 2008, but he opted to return to the Pats.

Moss could certainly be an interesting addition for the Eagles if they truly are going "all in" (again?) this coming season. Plus, with DeSean Jackson heading to free agency, there's a chance that they'll be in need of a WR anyway. That said, if the Eagles did look to bring in Moss, it wouldn't seem likely that they'd be doing so expecting him to start and be their primary guy. Not at this point in his career

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