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The Linc - Will Reid return? Doesn't look like it


Sincerely, Andy Reid won't be back
I am fascinated by the "Andy Reid might be coming back" line of discussion that seems to have gained a foothold in our region, even as disaster piles upon disaster, making such a prospect ever more absurd.

Eagles-Buccaneers Scouting Report
Nick Foles played much better against Dallas than he did the week before against Carolina, completing 65 percent of his passes, including 8 of 12 passes under pressure. He hasn't thrown an interception in 11 quarters and 91 attempts.

Eagles frustrated by inability to create turnovers
The Eagles haven't had an interception since Oct. 14 -- six games ago. They've struggled to create turnovers, and it's getting to them.

Greg Cosell Breaks Down Nick Foles - Birds 24/7
"The Eagles transitioned to an offense where they run the ball out of running formations," said Greg Cosell. "It helped Foles because it dictates defensive fronts and coverages and they become a little more predictable. Most sophisticated blitzes come from sub-packages. If you are throwing out of base personnel, defenses will be in base personnel, and the large majority of NFL defenses do much less in terms of pressures and blitzing from base personnel than they do from their sub packages."

Nick Foles Era, Eagles’ Youth Movement Could Be Temporary
The next head coach is probably going to hold a competition. Foles will participate, as will a veteran most likely, somebody who knows whatever system is installed – who knows, maybe it’s Michael Vick. Depending on how things go, there could even be another rookie in the mix. How Foles performs the rest of the way will probably have a lot to do with the quality of competition brought in, but unless he is dramatically improved, it’s difficult to see him being handed the reins. Eagles Insiders : A sneak preview of some of the top college football prospects, Part II
With the Eagles very much in the hunt for the #1 overall pick and the season long since finished, it's time to start checking out the top prospects in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Pro leagues, NCAA file brief against NJ sports bets
A brief was released that showed comments from the four major sports and NCAA to prevent sports betting in New Jersey.

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