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The Linc - Bryce Brown learning to hold on

News & notes from around the web for December 5th

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How Bryce Brown works on fixing his fumble problem
When Michael Vick suffered from a fumbling problem earlier this year, he carried a football around the team facility.

Reid Isn't Coming Back
Reid knows he’s done. He doesn’t have to worry about the playoffs. There is no 8-8 record to shoot for (always good for coach/team to say they didn’t have a losing season). The 2012 season is over, it just hasn’t finished playing out. Reid now has the freedom to do what he wants. When there still is a chance of turning things around, you sell your soul to the devil. You play the best players, even if they’re flawed. You do whatever it takes to keep the peace (putting up with Washburn’s crap). Once you know it’s meaningless, you have the freedom to do what you want.

For Eagles, it's time to see what Nick Foles can or can't do
Nick Foles was the sixth quarterback selected in the NFL draft by the Eagles during Andy Reid's tenure as head coach, and, considering only where he fell in the draft, it would be fair to say the organization's expectations placed him squarely in the middle of that pack.

Eagles' O-line finally showing some promise
Slowly but surely, the Eagles' much-maligned offensive line has begun to take strides in a positive direction.

D-line moving on from Washburn, wide-nine
The Eagles' defensive line is moving on from Jim Washburn and the wide-nine to welcome Tommy Brasher's more hands-on approach.

Analysis Notebook: Week 13 |
Let’s face it, things in Philadelphia haven’t exactly gone as planned this season. The year is in tatters, people are being thrown under the bus left, right and center, and only one member of the starting five offensive linemen is still playing after injuries decimated the unit. That player is LG Evan Mathis, who is somehow playing at an All-Pro level despite the mess all around him for most of the year.

Inside the Head of Football’s Greatest Nerd Jon Gruden
Really great profile of Jon Gruden on Obviously an NSFW site...

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