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Michael Vick blasts teammates for lack of "commitment"

Michael Vick says more commitment by the Eagles locker room could have saved Andy Reid's job.


Soon after Eagles owner Jeff Lurie officially announced the firing of head coach Andy Reid, cameras flooded the locker room and players began to react to the news. A visibly upset Michael Vick spoke to reporters as he cleaned out his locker today and blasted certain members of the team who says weren't committed.

"We could have had a much better team and it's all about focus, dedication and commitment," Vick said. "Until you get guys that are willing to better themselves week and and week out and want to win... you ain't gonna win. I just haven't played with guys like this. It's unfortunate for coach that things turned out the way they are. They could have been a lot better and this locker room could have dictated that."

Vick is hardly the only guy who has questioned the dedicated and commitment of certain members of the team today. Several players repeated the sentiment, but no one named names. Certainly though, you can think of moments like DRC getting shoved 5 yards into the end zone by Dez Bryant, that must have driven some players crazy to watch.

That said, the sentiment around the locker room was mostly sadness about the departure of Andy Reid and the player's assertion that this awful season was their fault, not his.

"He’s a great man, and I love him to death, and I wish we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now," Vick said. "Hopefully, a lot of players in the locker room feel like they could have done more. Coach can’t go out and play the game. He can only coach. That’s our responsibility to go out there and make it right, and we didn’t."

"I don't think it has anything to do with coach," LeSean McCoy added "That's where people get it confused. Because the players lay it on the line every game, but the coach gets penalized for it or its the coach's fault. I guess he's looked at the captain of the boat, like the quarterback is. But I don't think he should get penalized for it.

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