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Report: Howie Roseman to remain as Eagles GM

The Eagles have decided to part way with their long time head coach, but elected to keep their young GM


The NFL has already seen a number of coaches and GMs fired this morning. The casualties so far are Romeo Crennell, Pat Shurmur & Tom Heckert, Lovie Smith, Chan Gailey, Mike Tannenbaum, Gene Smith & Norv Turner with others sure to follow.

Here in Philadelphia, Andy Reid has been relieved of his duties after 14 years on the job. However, according to Jeff McLane, GM Howie Roseman will remain. This was something that had been assumed in the wake of the news back in November that Roseman had received a contract extension prior to the year. Still, after two disappointing years from a roster Roseman had a major hand in building, it's notable.

What this likely means is that Roseman will actually start to function as a full GM. As VP of football operations, Andy Reid retained final say on all football matters and Roseman worked under him. Presumably, the general manager will now work over the coach, as is typically the case in NFL front offices.

It will be a major step for Roseman who loses the man who was his mentor, while also likely becoming a key man in the search for his replacement. Owner Jeff Lurie will ultimately get to make the call on the next coach, but Roseman will undoubtedly be a part of the search and interview process.

It's also a chance for Roseman to get out from under Reid's shadow, for better or worse. In the Reid era, the structure and process of the Eagles front office has always been kind of opaque. We know Andy has final say, but it's always been tough to tell just how much power and influence the GM, whether it was Tom Heckert or Howie Roseman, has had. Roseman has seemed to have been the chief dealmaker in the front office, as it was widely reported he was the guy who pulled off the Kevin Kolb & DeMeco Ryans trades as well as sealed the deal on free agents like Nnamdi Asomugha. But is he the guy that decided to go after Nnamdi? Trade for DeMeco?

Those are the questions we presumably won't have to ask anymore. Roseman will now be a real GM, he'll have final say and the credit and/or blame will now fall squarely on him.

[Note by JasonB, 12/31/12 2:00 PM EST ] An interesting update to this story came during the Lurie presser. He said specifically that the 2012 draft was the first where Roseman had enough power to make his mark on the draft. He says he tracks all the players that every scout recommends and consistently Howie is the best. Lurie also specifically said that he did not blame Howie for the now disastrous 2011 draft. The strong implication was that it was on Andy.

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