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Philadelphia Eagles coaching rumors: Sources close to Gruden believe he could end up in Philly

Al Messerschmidt

In Dan Pompeii's "Sunday Blitz" this morning, he cited a few sources with some potentially interesting news about Jon Gruden's future.

People around the NFL who know are convinced Jon Gruden is coming back to coaching this year, provided the right situation presents itself. I've been told Gruden feels he needs to come back now if he's ever going to do it. He already has been away from the game for four years, and it becomes increasingly difficult for a coach to return the longer he is away. The right situation for Gruden very well could be in Philadelphia. People close to him think he has a good chance of landing there.

Obviously Gruden's ties here would make him a likely candidate and his Super Bowl ring would certainly make him a popular one.

And with Gruden, none of the questions we've been asking about the other prospective candidates are there. He's got the experience, the track record, he can handle the spotlight, the fans would welcome him... The questions about Gruden are more philosophical and even psychological.

He was known for his epic work ethic as a coach were he'd sleep in his office or show up at 3am. Does he still have it in him to go that all in? After all, this is a guy that has spent 4 years away from the sidelines. Also, Gruden doesn't seem like a long term hire. He was with the Raiders for only 3 years and spent 6 in Tampa despite the fact that he won a Super Bowl. You can see a guy like Mike McCoy spending a decade here, but I doubt anyone thinks that about Gruden.

Then again, does that even matter?

The good thing is, these are all issues Jeff Lurie would have thought about, they're pretty obvious after all. And you can bet he'll bring them up in an interview with Gruden if it happens.

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