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Poll: Eagles offensive player of the year

Alex Trautwig

We're back with another in our series of Gillette "No debate" posts today asking, "who is this year's offensive MVP?" You can vote over on their Facebook page.

As usual though, I like to relate this to the Eagles, so I'll ask the same question. Who is the Eagles offensive MVP? It's not easy.

Jeremy Maclin has a decent argument leading the team in catches (65), receiving yards (835) and TDs (6). Had he not missed a game he'd probably have a decent shot at 1,000 yard season. His numbers haven't been superstar level, but they're really pretty good.

LeSean McCoy missed 4 games so he won't finish near the gaudy numbers of last season and the TD numbers weren't there anyway.... but when healthy he has been good. He leads the team in yards from scrimmage (1,107) rushing yards (795) and he's tied for 4th on the team in catches (49).

Evan Mathis probably deserves to be here as the guy who has consistently played at a high level more than anyone else. You don't typically see a guard up for offensive player of the year, but for this year why not?

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