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The Linc - Who has the formula for a turnaround?

Kevin C. Cox

The formula for renewed NFL success - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
In 2008 the Falcons, Ravens and Dolphins were all in need of a new direction. Atlanta had just come through the Michael Vick and Bobby Petrino debacle. Miami had seen Nick Saban walk after a tough start, and the organization had decided they had seen enough after Cam Cameron went 1-15. The Ravens had fallen to 5-11 and were empty at the quarterback position.

What if Lurie decides not to fire Reid?
All signs point to Andy Reid not returning next season, but what if Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie decides to keep the head coach?

Jason Babin: Eagles 'kind of a big socialistic system'
It looks -- and sounds -- like Jason Babin was just waiting for the right time to pounce. Uncharacteristically quiet when he was unceremoniously waived last month, Babin let loose on the Birds today during a conference call with Titans media.

Coaching Buzz: Would Chip Kelly Refuse Foles? | Birds 24/7
“Nick Foles will not run a Chip Kelly offense if he decided to come here, rest assured of that,” Jaws told Jon Marks and Sean Brace on 97.5 The Fanatic. “If a coach like Chip Kelly…that runs this up-tempo, spread, speed-style option, these guys come here, there might be a future for Michael Vick. I know he’s [32], I know he’s been beat up, but I’ll tell you, some of the things I’m seeing, Michael Vick can do the same things these guys are doing in the spread option.”

5 bold predictions for 2013 | National Football Post
Tim Tebow gets a huge offer to play in CFL for two years. Alex Smith leads the Cardinals to the playoffs. Andy Reid’s first hire as a new head coach; Juan Castillo as his OL/run coordinator. Vick becomes a Buffalo Bill. Saban is the Browns head coach. A rookie QB wins the 2013 Super Bowl.

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