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Can Michael Vick Win Back His Job?

Michael Heiman

Things change at the drop of a hat in the NFL, or in the Eagles case, at the snap of a bone.

With Nick Foles's season now over, Michael Vick is going to be this team's starting quarterback on Sunday against the New York Giants. What seemed like a foregone conclusion a few days ago- that Vick would be gone once the season ends- is now not as certain as it once was.

Yes, the window for Vick to return is about as thin as the fracture on Foles throwing hand. But there is no denying that Vick playing this Sunday only increases his chances of returning next year.

Which is why the question has to be asked- can Vick win back his job on Sunday?

As Vick said himself after news broke he would be starting, anything can happen against the Giants. Vick could turn in one of those performances he did against the Washington Redskins a few years ago. He could look great behind an improved offensive line. He could throw for 300 yards and a few touchdowns while leading the Eagles to a victory that would knock the defending Super Bowl champions out of the playoffs. He could also look like the same turnover prone quarterback he was at times this season.

If he doesn't, however, and Vick does have a good game, it is going to catch the attention of other NFL teams. If released, Vick is going to be the best quarterback available with plenty of teams looking to bring him in. He might have his flaws as a quarterback, but there is no denying his raw talent.

There is plenty to be excited about when it comes to Foles- his size, his veteran like ability to move around in the pocket, and how calm he looks out there on the field. But for all of the excitement surrounding Foles, the painful truth is that he was 1-5 as a starter with just six touchdowns and five interceptions. Foles might one day turn into a great quarterback, but he is not there yet. He still has plenty of room to grow- and plenty of time to do it.

What if Chip Kelly, or any other candidate who the Eagles hire, see that and want to give it a try with Vick. If Jeffrey Lurie really is as in love with Kelly as reports seem to indicate, it's hard to imagine he would deny his top head coach candidate (no matter who it is) the quarterback of his choosing. It's easy to see why a coach would feel within his system, and not the pass heavy offense he played in with Reid, Vick would be the better option right now over Foles.

As for the notion that Vick will be gone because of how much money he makes, throw that out the window. Vick will take a pay cut no matter where he plays next year. If the Eagles ask him to take a pay cut to stay here and start, chances are he would take it.

The chances of Vick returning are small. But they are greater than they were just a few days ago, and in the NFL, you never know.

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