The Chip Kelly conundrum(And why Vick won't fit in this scheme).

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Well, I've been hearing all these rumors about Kelly possibly going to the Eagles, and I believe there is no chance he doesn't come to Philly. Opinions are split here, some happy, some not so much. Before you think of this as another Fun and Gun Steve Spurrier offense, see what Kelly does and how it translates into the NFL.

The main principles in a Chip Kelly Offense are here:

The Inside Zone Read:

Skip the first 3 minutes or so, unimportant.

Anyway, you see this offense is very very very very predictable. It doesn't matter at all if you know what's coming, Oregon will still get a big play on a defense. Why? Usually O-Lineman ignore a backside lineman, and use an extra O-Lineman to go on the play side, giving the run an advantage. I've seen Mike Shanahan do this all the time with the Redskins, and also with the Broncos. But what creates an even bigger advantage is that defenders overreact to plays, and the shifty footwork of the running backs changes direction to find an even bigger running lane. Lesean McCoy and Bryce Brown have some of the best footwork in the NFL,better than a Kenjon Barner or LaMicheal James. Look at that TD run by James against Stanford. There was 8 men in the box , and yet still no one seemed to stop it.

This may actually work even better in the NFL. Why? Well it's even more common in the NFL that coordinators tell defenders to rely on their instincts. Well, defenders in the NFL will overreact to plays even more than college. Discipline would seem to be the key, but that's not the only anecdote, because again, the play call is obvious, and defenders can't never truly answer to the shifts of running backs. Obviously athletic Offensive Lineman are needed, but physicality is paramount too.The inside zone read actually calls for more straight ahead blocking . You will see many runs up the gut, even by the fastest of RB's.Thats why LeGarrete Blount , a pounder still succeeded at Oregon. Obviously, Nick Foles won't run a lot, so a different option other than McCoy would be needed for the option. Well guess who that would be, Bryce Brown.

This is not a gimmick offense at all, in fact it's the exact opposite. Chip Kelly shows you the play blatantly, yet still defenders wont adjust to it. And don't think you don't see it in the NFL, you do. Andrew Luck and the Colts do this all the time. Mike Shanahan did it with the Redskins and sometimes with the Broncos. The Seahawks,Panthers,49ers,Vikings have shown packages like these as well.

Now the Outside Zone Read:(Thanks )

Again, look it's blatant but unstoppable. Like he said before, there will be stuffs, runs for losses, a lot of them, but overreaction will prevail. Usually defenses will adjust to the formation of an outside zone read by defending the perimeter. That doesn't work because running backs can easily shift inside. The name Outside itself is a misnomer, running backs run to the inside all the time in the Outside read option. The Offensive Line is key as well.Luke Joeckel, who is exceptional at getting to the second level would be a perfect fit. Some of the zone blocking schemes done by the Offensive Line are similar to many teams in the NFL,even the Eagles. One play I know really well "The Elephants On Parade" used by Andy Reid, has been done by the Ducks.

I also like the fact that Kelly emphasizes his wideouts to block downfield, which some wide recievers in the NFL even are scared to do.These schemes in general take a exterior defense lineman out of the play, brings more blockers to the playside , and sets up the entire offense. I think because the 3-4 defends the interior better, Chip Kelly's offense will struggle more against 3-4 teams with a strong Nose Tackle and Inside Linebacker.That may explain why the Ducks lost to Stanford. But 4-3 defenses are going to have a lot of trouble with Kelly's zone schemes. Zone reads seem like fakes, but they really aren't, which many make mistakes on, even coaches. The bubble screen is opened up to stretch the defense even more. Play action passes blow the top off of defenses when they are stretched near the LOS. Nick Foles is brilliant at setting up the play action pass, and can look over his line.

The Power Play:

This really confused me, but after a while it made sense. The play seems like an inside zone read, but instead, this seems to be a smashmouth run to the inside. No one has ever done this before, fake a speedy zone run play into a physical smashmouth run up the middle. Legarrete Blount thrived on this play. Or instead of it being a physical play, it can create a whole new lane unbeknownst to the defense.

Disciplined gap control defense would seem to work, but it's not that effective. Kelly overloads formations unexpectedly to create and delete gaps and his schemes have caused defenders to stay undisciplined. Think it's just another gimmick play that dies out in the NFL?Wrong. Greg Roman uses it with the 49ers, and so do other teams .

Now, how does Kelly use the run game and short passes to go vertical? Very easy, he uses the famous 4 verticals play after a heavy dose of running and short passes. With a need for more men in the box and to guard the edges, usually Defensive Coordinators are forced to leave 7,8 men in the box with no deep safety at all. There are usually 3, or 4 recievers left in 1-1 coverage, and boom, you get a big play. What's needed is a QB like Marcus Mariota who is tall enough to look over defenses and have good vision downfield. That sounds an awful lot like Nick Foles.

Play action passes are also quite critical to this offense, a good PA passer, ahem Nick Foles would destroy secondaries who are forced to have either two safeties forced to play the sidelines, or a front forced to have no deep safety at all.

Even though they seem nothing similar at all, this seems to have a lot of pro style principles here.

The No Huddle Offense:

Some of you may say,"Oh well the no huddle offense can be stopped" How? I mean you could fake an injury, but that's going to be cracked down. Every single team in the NFL has some sort of no huddle offense, but it's pretty obvious that the Ducks are better than all of them. They can get a play off every 13-18 seconds.Defenders are left gassed and substitutions can't be made. What's even more impressive is that Kelly taught this to college players.This signs system has been used in 25-30% of all of their no huddle plays. Really, crowd noise can't stop this offense.

Remember how many unnecessary timeouts have been called in the Andy Reid era over the play call? Well the Ducks rarely have had trouble interpreting the play, so you can say goodbye to those problems. What's even more impressive, the Ducks rarely have any illegal procedure, false starts,delay of game penalties. It's impressive how Kelly does this to college players, The Eagles have been killed in this area, and Chip Kelly would put an end to that.

What is really needed to stop this offense is a well disciplined defense, but that's not enough. You would need strong play by the DT's and Middle Linebackers. You must play man coverage, not zone. A Tampa 2 Defense would get shitted on, which is why USC never beats Oregon. Defensive Ends have little impact in an Oregon game, because even in passing situations, they are almost always out of the game. does great breakdowns as you saw of the Oregon offense.

Here are some things that Chip Kelly has to adjust to if he becomes coach of the Philadelphia Eagles:

1. Make Nick Foles the QB,NOT MICHEAL VICK!

That will happen because Howie Roseman wont let Kelly do that, and plus Chip Kelly loves Nick Foles.

2.Make Bryce Brown the second running option, obviously not Nick Foles.

I think this will obviously happen, we are lucky to get Bryce Brown from the Asante Samuel trade.

3.Make sure Lesean and Bryce hold the ball high and tight, you don't want fumbling issues from them.

If Kenyon Barner and LaMicheal James hold the ball high and tight, I believe Chip Kelly taught them that because I've seen some of Jame's highlights in high school, and he held the ball like Bryce Brown. I expect this to happen as well


The Chip Kelly offense is not a gimmick offense. and many of it's principles are seen on Sundays, so don't call it that again. Do I believe this offense will crush every defense? No, but most defenses won't because they won't have the personnel, discipline, and rely on too many substitutions.

Why won't Vick fit that well in this offense?

First, look at this video:

Notice how many reads are needed, pre snap reads especially when they throw the ball. I'm sure Micheal Vick is a genius in dissecting defenses before the snap, OH WAIT, HE ISN'T! Foles has done way better, especially in Arizona at changing the play before the snap.A QB 6'3+ has to account for every receiver, Vick isn't tall enough to have the vision to look downfield. This is why Marcus Mariota(6'4) and Darron Thomas(6'4) succeeded at Oregon. Foles is 6'6. Even with a mobile QB, Oregon quarterbacks are asked to look downfield even when under pressure, Vick doesn't always do that, Foles is adept at doing this.

In terms of the run game, Vick is great running threat, but he's not big enough to take this pounding, and can't hold on to the football. Obviously, Foles can't run, but Kelly can improvise here. Bubble screens is what Kelly loves to do, maybe a second option can be a pass, which also has been done at Oregon. Maybe have split back formations or a shotgun with 2RB set with McCoy and Brown. You could have a wildcat formation with McCoy or Brown as a direct snap with McCoy adjacent , and maybe even Foles behind them. Maybe we can draft a Logan Thomas(4th-5th round)and use him in some zone read sets as long as we don't make him pass too much(Horrible passer).

Chip Kelly is a personnel coach, willing to fit schemes around his players, and he can successfully improvise.