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Could the Eagles be a destination for Chip Kelly?

Steve Dykes

If you're one of the people interested in Chip Kelly as a candidate for the Eagles head coaching job, this is probably good news.'s Albert Breer has named the Eagles and the Panthers as teams "likely" to be interested in the Oregon Ducks coach should he choose to bolt the college ranks for the pros. Jason LaCanfora says he hears the Eagles will indeed make a run at Kelly.

It is looking more and more likely that Kelly will pull a Pete Carroll and jump to the pros just in time for his program to get hit with sanctions because of his recruiting practices.

According to Charles Robinson and Rand Getlin of Yahoo! Sports, the school's attempt to resolve the governing body's query through summary disposition has failed, which means the Ducks now face a likely appearance before the Committee on Infractions sometime in the spring in Indianapolis, which the school wanted to avoid.

Of course, Yahoo! Sports originally reported that Oregon paid Lyles $25,000 for alleged scouting services in March 2011. Four months later, prep adviser Willie Lyles told Yahoo! Sports that the money helped influence and deliver recruits to the Ducks program.

While this certainly raises the question of whether you would actually want a guy with questionable ethics (if the accusations are true) in charge of your organization, it does seem to indicate that now would be a good time for him to jump ship. While it still yet to be determined whether the Ducks broke rules, it is known that Kelly composed handwritten thank you notes to the prep adviser. So if they are guilty, he will have been right in the thick of it. Of course, any rules he broke at Oregon will have absolutely no repercussions in the NFL, which is kinda sad.

Beyond all that, this news raises the question of what is the most attractive job? Let's take Breer's report on face value at the moment and consider that the Eagles and Panthers are interested in Kelly. Which would he take?

For one, the Eagles are the more high profile job. Philadelphia is a much bigger market, if they're even decent they'll be on national TV 5 times and it's a famous, older NFL franchise.

The Panthers really have none of that going for them, but they do have one significant mark in their favor. A young & mobile franchise QB. Cam Newton will be a major lure for any potential coach, but probably especially so for Kelly, who could be salivating over the idea of Newton running his up tempo offense.

The lure of a high profile job like the Eagles can't be discounted, but at the same time a first time NFL coach like Kelly is going to know he's got to win.

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