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2013 NFL draft order: Eagles have a shot at top 3

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another loss and therefore another look at the 2013 NFL draft order. It's about the only thing we as Eagles fans have to look forward to anymore...

The good news is that by losing the Eagles "kept pace" with the other awful teams in the race for top picks. The bad news is that they were eliminated from contention for a top 2 pick. At 2-3, the Chiefs & Jags are locked into those spots. They could flip flop if one of them one, but they'll be top 2 regardless.

The Eagles remain unchanged at #4 and will need to lose themselves and have the Raiders to win to move up to #3. Oakland is at the Chargers, who are 6-9, Sunday. While it's hard to favor the Raiders in any situation at this point, there's at least some hope for them against San Diego, who really aren't very good themselves.

As for the downside, there isn't a lot for the Eagles at this point. A win against the Giants would likely drop them no further than 7th and they are absolutely locked into a top 10 pick. Michael Vick starting does add an element of uncertainty into Sunday's game, but the fact is that it's a must win for New York if they want to have any shot at a playoff berth and a game that means nothing to the Eagles, who will down be another 2 defensive starters (Cox, Kendricks).

Still, Vick & LeSean McCoy against the Giants has been a winning combo for the Eagles in recent seasons.

Here is the draft order as it stands today for all teams relevant to the Eagles.

1. Kansas City Chiefs - 2-13 (.489 SOS)
2. Jacksonville Jaguars - 2-13 (.551 SOS)
3. Oakland Raiders - 4-11 (.471 SOS)
4. Philadelphia Eagles - 4-11 (.507 SOS)
5. Detroit Lions - 4-11 (.569 SOS)
6. Buffalo Bills - 5-10 (.493 SOS)
7. Cleveland Browns - 5-10 (.502 SOS)
8. Arizona Cardinals - 5-10 (.553 SOS)
9. Tennessee Titans - 5-10 (.538 SOS)

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