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The Linc - Merry Christmas everyone!

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Undervalued Maclin only getting better with Foles
Think Jeremy Maclin is inconsistent, injury-prone and produces less than a first-round pick should? See if these numbers change your mind.

Vick: Glad to Get Last Start with Andy
Michael Vick was sound asleep on Christmas Eve, when his cell phone awoke him with such a clatter, he rose from his bed to see what was the matter, Vick said Monday.

Time running out on Eagles coach Andy Reid
Andy Reid on Sunday likely coached his last game at the helm of the Eagles in a stadium that has never known another head coach.

Film breakdown: The Eagles’ collective fail on Alfred Morris’ 10 yard TD run – Blogging the bEast
On the Redskins’ first drive of the 3rd quarter, they scored on a 10 yard TD run by Alfred Morris. Morris might never have an easier 10 yard TD run for the rest of his career, as no Eagles even breathed on him as he strolled into the end zone. Of the 8 Eagles who had a reasonable chance to stop Morris, or at least cause some sort of disruption on the play, not one player won their individual matchup.

Eagles Risking $3M By Playing Vick - Birds 24/7
The Eagles will have $3 million riding on Michael Vick’s ability to stay healthy Sunday afternoon. We’ve discussed at length how they will owe Vick $3 million if he’s still on the roster on Feb. 6. But there’s one other scenario where they would have to pay that amount: if Vick suffers a serious injury next week against the Giants.

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