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How Much Does Michael Vick Have Left?

Rob Carr

Michael Vick may be taking his benching in stride, but he was clear this week that when it comes to next year, he plans on being on the field.

"I'm a competitor and I've always felt like and will continue to feel like I'm one of the best and I can play at a high level," Vick said to reporters. "I know I can."

The question now becomes- will people around the NFL agree?

It only takes one team to give Vick the chance he is looking for to rebuild his career. With games still left to be played and decisions still to be made it will likely be some time until we know where Vick will be playing next year. One team, however, is reportedly already very interested.

The New York Jets, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Post, are interested in bringing in Vick next year. The feeling is mutual, according to Mehta, who says that a source close to Vick says that the quarterback would be willing to play for the Jets if Mark Sanchez is gone.

Now, Vick saying that he is willing to play for another team that will make him the starter is nothing special. Vick would play in Cleveland next year if they would pay him to start. But Mehta writes that Jet's coach Rex Ryan loves the idea of bringing in Vick and thinks he could be the quarterback to save his job- something Andy Reid would likely disagree with.

How much does Vick have left? Like the debate in Philadelphia this year, that opinion around the league is likely very split. There is no doubt that Vick had trouble holding onto the ball this year and at times missed some blitzes he should have picked up. Still, Vick played behind an offensive like that was shuffling pieces in and out week by week. He also still has a strong arm that can be fairly accurate. If Vick can be with a coach like Ryan who uses the run to protect his quarterback, he could excel. We all know the less Vick throws the more effective he is.

Sanchez attempted less than 30 passes in 9 of his 14 games this year. Vick, on the other hand, did not attempt less than 30 passes in any of his starts this year (except for the Dallas game where he left early).

In the right system, Vick could still be solid quarterback in this league- if not a great one.

If he goes to a team that expects him to be superman- like the Eagles paid him to be- they will be disappointed, however.

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