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Which NFL QB would you want leading your team into the playoffs?

Jared Wickerham

For the last few weeks, we've been doing this series of a "no debate" posts with Gillette where they ask a general question on their Facebook page and then I kind of look at it from an Eagles perspective. They've actually spawned some really great conversations.

But this week, I actually don't want to take an Eagles angle. Partly because we kind of already did last week (who do you want at QB in 2013), but also because I thought the actual question would be fun to kick around.

If you could pick one NFL QB to lead your team into the playoffs, who would it be? You can register a vote over on their Facebook page.

But I want to kick it around here as well because honestly, it's really tough to answer.

You've got your old stalwarts like Peyton Manning & Tom Brady. Both are having great years, both have rings already and it would be hard to argue with either.

But then you've got the sort of middle age (in NFL terms) guys like Aaron Rodgers & Eli Manning. Rodgers is probably the more talented of the two, but Eli has obviously proven that he has a knack for coming big in the biggest spot. Rodgers may very well be the best QB in the game right now, but Eli is almost certainly the most clutch.

Then of course you've got Drew Brees. He's won a ring himself and will almost certainly find himself in the hall of fame. You can probably put Ben Roethlisberger in Brees' company as well. He's got 2 rings himself and has that knack for coming up big when it matters.

Below all those guys you've got a tier of talented QBs, but ones who have traditionally come up small in big games. Tony Romo & Matt Ryan certainly fit that mold. Matt Schaub could probably fit in there as well. Joe Flacco isn't as talent as those guys, but he could maybe in this group also. Eventually you'd have to think one of these guys is actually going to win a playoff game or two.

Then i think you've kind of got a mix of guys on the way up and down. Phillip Rivers & Jay Cutler aren't old, they've had some success but would you ever feel comfortable with them leading your team into the postseason? Actually, if I was going to put Michael Vick in a category, it would probably be in with those type of guys.

Finally, the young guys. Would you be ready to say RG3, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson or Cam Newton is your man right now?

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