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NFL Week 13 games thread

Al Bello

As was the case last week and pretty much for most of the season, the top of the standings don't really matter for the Eagles, but the bottom kind of does.

At 3-8, the Eagles are tied for the 3rd worst record in the league with the Browns, Panthers & Raiders. The Chiefs and Jaguars sit at #1 & #2 in the race for the top draft pick.

The Jaguars are in Buffalo in one of the early games today in what looks like a winnable one for them. The Jags have really played better as of late and by picking up Jason Babin they appear to be doing whatever they can to spoil their chance at a top pick and try to finish with 5 wins or something? It's really not clear, but whatever they can do to win is good for us.

The Panthers and Chiefs play each other, so one of those two will get a win today. Given the tragedy that happened in Kansas City yesterday, who knows what to expect. But like I said, it doesn't really matter because a win either way kind of hurts either team. I will say at least that the Panthers seem to want to keep winning, while the Chiefs really haven't shown that fight. But again, given the tragedy who knows?

In another game that can only help the Eagles, the Browns are in Oakland to face the Raiders. Both teams are 3-8, so a win either way bumps the Eagles up. I would say to root for Oakland there, because they're just a worse team and more likely to lose in the final weeks and they clearly have a weaker strength of schedule.

So yeah... This is what we have to care about now.

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