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2013 NFL draft order: Eagles sit at #4

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

As I lamented yesterday, the only thing really worth rooting for when it comes to the Eagles at this point is draft position. It's not fun... but it's at least something to root for. So with an eye toward that let's look at the current order and a few scenarios over the next 2 weeks.

Here's the top 15.

1. Kansas City Chiefs - 2-12 (.469 SOS)
2. Jacksonville Jaguars - 2-12 (.541 SOS)
3. Oakland Raiders - 4-10 (.469 SOS)
4. Philadelphia Eagles - 4-10 (.505 SOS)
5. Detroit Lions - 4-10 (.546 SOS)
6. San Diego Chargers - 5-9 (.474 SOS)
7. Cleveland Browns - 5-9 (.480 SOS)
8. Buffalo Bills - 5-9 (.500 SOS)
9. Tennessee Titans - 5-9 (.526 SOS)
10. Carolina Panthers - 5-9 (.536 SOS)
11. Arizona Cardinals - 5-9 (.543 SOS)
12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 6-8 (.469 SOS)
13. Miami Dolphins - 6-8 (.500 SOS)
14. New York Jets - 6-8 (.526 SOS)
15. New Orleans Saints - 6-8 (.528 SOS)

The Eagles can still mathematically get the #1 pick but its pretty far fetched. They would needs to lose out and KC would need to win out plus KC's strength of schedule would have to significantly improve, but with the Chargers & Raiders in their division that's unlikely. The Eagles could actually pass the Jags if they won out, but with the Patriots on the schedule next week that's obviously not likely.

So we look at the #3 pick. The Raiders have a weaker SOS, so if they remain tied they'll get the #3 pick. However, they have a much easier schedule than the Eagles from here on out. Both games are on the road, but they'll face the Panthers and Chargers while the Eagles take on the Redskins & Giants, both of whom are in the playoff hunt and will still be in the final 2 weeks. So I'd say the Eagles ceiling here (floor?) is the #3 overall pick.

The downside is much bigger. If they win one more game, they will fall to #8. If they somehow won out, they'd be picking at as low as #13.

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