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The Linc - Praise for Eagles defensive line

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No ill will for Patterson, Eagles after pay dispute
Mike Patterson has no ill will toward the Eagles after last week's pay dispute, acknowledging that it was merely a business decision.

All-22: How the Eagles Got Their Pass-Rush Going - Birds 24/7
Through the first 13 games, the Eagles’ defensive line had accounted for 20 sacks, or about 1.5 per contest. Against the Bengals, Tommy Brasher’s group sacked Andy Dalton six times and kept him uncomfortable all game long (13-for-27 for 127 yards). So what was different about the performance of the defensive line this time around? Here’s a look at all six sacks, using the All-22 shots.

Fan-Demonium: Better The Second Time
Brandon Graham had the best game of his young career. He had 2.5 sacks and a forced fumble. Beyond the numbers, Graham was a force off the edge. He drew at least three holding calls. He gave right tackle Andre Smith fits. The Bengals had in a backup for a play and that guy got a holding call. Graham was relentless in pursuit. One of his solo tackles came on the other side of the field. Dalton scrambled to his left and Graham was there to tackle him and limit the play to a short gain.

Bringing Terrell Owens to town was Andy Reid's first of many big mistakes as Eagles head coach
IT BEGAN with the acquisition of Terrell Owens. It continued with the drafting and re-signing of receiver DeSean Jackson, the signing of cornerback Asante Samuel, the disloyalty to safety Brian Dawkins, the hiring of Jim Washburn.

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