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Andy Reid evaluates young Eagles


Andy Reid held his usual day after press conference today and spent a good portion of the time talking about what he saw from some of the your players. Since there's a decent chance we may only see one more of these post-game press conferences from Andy, I thought it would be worth just going through his thoughts.

This probably isn't great news for Kurt Coleman, but when Andy was asked whether Colt Anderson has earned a starting job for the rest of the year, he answered in the affirmative.

"I think you could say that. Now, listen, I haven't sat down and talked with [defensive coordinator] Todd [Bowles] about that but I would tell you that he's played good football. Good enough to be considered at keeping him in that position."

On Marvin McNutt blocking the punt with butt... I actually guessed after the game that he wasn't supposed to in the position he was and that Clay Harbor was the guy who messed up, but Andy said no.

"On the blocked punt, [WR Marvin] McNutt ended up getting beat. McNutt was supposed to be in the game. That was his spot. He was replacing [WR] Jason Avant. The problem with [LB Ryan] Rau was Rau was supposed to be on the other side where [TE] Clay [Harbor] went in and didn't get there."

He said he didn't use a timeout to get the right guys on the field because Harbor went out to take Rau's place.

"No, because Clay was okay. Clay knew what he was doing. It wasn't Clay that the problem was on. It was on McNutt. He was in the right spot."

On Nick Foles.

"I thought Foles did some good things. I think there are some things - the interception - Nick has one of the stronger arms that we've had here and one of the stronger arms in the league, but you have to make sure your feet are right and your drop is right. You have to learn those things. That's one of the tougher things for young quarterbacks to do. On that particular play, instead of taking what would normally be a five-step drop, he took what would be a seven-step drop. When you're in the gun, it would be a five as opposed to a three. He held too long on the safety and tried to look the safety off. These are rookie mistakes, and he'll learn from that. He's very diligent about those things, and he'll get it right. It wasn't a lack of arm strength that would cause that to take place."

Reid was also asked about the play of Mychal Kendricks after he was moved to WILL.

"He had a couple nice breakups yesterday in nickel coverage. On one of them he was covering the tight end and was spectacular, which was the SAM linebacker position [and] the same one before the switch. But at WILL he looks more comfortable. That's kind of his natural position. I thought he did a good job there for the most part yesterday."

He also confirmed that they plan to keep Kendricks at WILL.

Finally, he talked about Bryce Brown. First on his tendency to go outside.

"There were a couple that he could have kept inside but for the most part they were filtering him out there. There were two or three that he could've kept inside and should've kept inside."

And one of the points I made after the game was that these lack of fundamentals we've seen from Brown are predictable. The guy played so little football post high school that he missed all that time where he would be honing things like ball security.

But the response, and I think its fair, is how long are we supposed to expect Brown to be so raw?

"You see improvements. You see most of it in the pass game, the routes, and the protections, and you see some subtle little things in the run game. He needs to play. That's why I haven't sat him down because of the fumbles. I felt like he did miss a lot. He missed a lot of football. The thing he needs most is to be out there and playing and learning the game. So he's wired the right way. This is a kid who doesn't want to make mistakes and drop the ball and that stuff. He's a responsible kid. [He] just has to get better with it."

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