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Who should be the Eagles QB in 2013?


This is the second week of our "no debate" series with Gillette. This time they're asking which NFL QB is leading the pack this year? You can answer over on their Facebook page.

From an Eagles perspective though, I thought this would be an opportunity to talk about who should be leading the Eagles next season at quarterback? There's a few options.

Stick with what's here

Nick Foles - Clearly the favorite at this point, especially given his performance last week. Still, there's three more games to go and we don't know what they have in store for Foles. If he performs more like he did against Tampa, then I think he'll cement that job for next year regardless of who is the coach. But obviously there's still a chance he looks more like the QB he did against Washington.

Michael Vick - He's still here and under contract. It certainly doesn't look like he'll be back, but a new coach could really change things. We could see a guy who wants a mobile QB or is really enamored with Vick's talent that thinks he can really harness it... I would say it's a longshot, but it is a shot especially if Foles falters down the stretch here.

Go the draft route

The Eagles are in line for a top 5 pick at this point and could have a shot at a guy like Geno Smith or even a Matt Barkley (maybe in the 2nd). They're certainly not the pedigree of the top guys from last year, but one could certainly start to separate himself in the pre-draft process and maybe both are more pedigreed than Foles.

Try out free agency/trade

There's obviously no Peyton Manning on the market this year, so the free agent route is unlikely. Still, there might be some options.

Joe Flacco - The local guy scheduled to be a free agent, but there's more or less no shot that the Ravens will let him get there.

Alex Smith - If the Niners decide to commit to Colin Kapernick as their starter, Alex Smith could become available via trade. Would anyone want him though? He is, at this point, at least a professional looking QB than can start in this league. Though I doubt anyone would be doing backflips over getting Alex Smith.

So what would your plan be for 2013?

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