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Week 15 NFL picks against the spread

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Week 15 in the NFL is upon us, so here are your against the spread picks for every matchup.

Bengals at Eagles (+4) - This is kind of a tough one because you've got a pretty mediocre team in Cincy as a more than 3 point favorite on the road in a short week. It's really a bad spot for them, but then again, the Eagles are terrible and have a way of making teams look good in tough situations. On that note, the Eagles are 0-5-1 against the spread at home this season. Pick: Bengals

Giants at Falcons (-1) - I was surprised to see trends favoring the Giants here, albiet slightly. Also, I would have expected that the Falcons would get more than a point at home against the Giants, who this season are only .500 against the spread. Pick: Falcons

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears (+3) - Pick: Packers

Redskins at Browns - No line

Minnesota Vikings at St Louis Rams (-1) - Pick: Vikings

Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins (-7) - Are they serious here? I know the Jags are bad, but the Dolphins as a touchdown favorite? Pick: Jaguars

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints (-3.5) - Pick: Saints

Denver Broncos at Baltimore Ravens (+3) - Pick: Broncos

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans (-9.5) - Love the Colts. A 9-4 who is also 9-4 ATS a near 10 point underdog? Pick: Colts

Seattle Seahawks at Buffalo Bills (+5.5) - Pick: Seahawks

Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals (+6) - Pick: Lions

Carolina Panthers at San Diego Chargers (-3) - Pick: Chargers

Pittsburgh Steelers at Dallas Cowboys (+1) - Frankly, I was surprised to see that the trends and sims favored Pittsburgh here. Both of these teams seem kinda mediocre to me, so as a road favorite, Pitt didn't look like the greatest play. Still, this is a hard one to pick, so I'll just trust the numbers. Pick: Steelers

Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders (-3) - Pick: Raiders

San Francisco 49ers at New England Patriots (-5) - I planned on picking the Pats here, but I really thought the numbers would look closer than they are. Everything points to a Pats cover here. Pick: Patriots

New York Jets at Tennessee Titans (-1) - Pick: Titans

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