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How Much Say Should New Coach Have Over Nick Foles?

The Eagles are going to have to decide in the very near future how committed they are to having Nick Foles be a part of this franchise going forward.

Who decides that, however, is almost as important as the actual decision.

With Andy Reid likely gone at the end of the year, Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman are going to spend the first part of the off-season interviewing head coaching candidates. Before they start the process they need to ask themselves if they are only going to hire a coach that is committed to Foles, or if they are open to the idea of moving on from Foles in favor of a head coach.

After Foles performance in Tampa Bay it could be that any candidate they interview will be excited about working with the rookie. At 6'6" and 243 lbs, there is a lot to like about the Foles even if you are not sold by his play this year. As far as rookie quarterbacks go it's easy to see why a coach would be excited about being able to coach and mold the big quarterback from Arizona.

But what if they are not?

If the Eagles interview a candidate like Oregon coach Chip Kelly or San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman, and they are not in love with Foles, should they look for another coach who is? What if Kelly is convinced that West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith is the answer, and wants to build around him in Philadelphia?

In my opinion, while Foles is showing improvement and there was a lot to like about his performance in Tampa Bay, the Eagles need to make the number one priority hiring a head coach, not building around Foles. Building around a third-round quarterback, no matter how much potential he shows, is just too dangerous.

So I ask you: How much say should the next head coach have in deciding the fate of Foles?

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