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The Linc - All Nick Foles, all the time

Al Messerschmidt

Must be St. Nick: Eagles' Foles delivers Christmas miracle
Yes, the Eagles need to lose out for draft position. Blah, blah, blah. Just maybe, having a quarterback you can build around is a bigger deal than whether you draft third or fourth in a draft everyone says lacks franchise QBs.

Nick Foles invented play on late pass to Avant
Nick Foles' completion to Jason Avant not only set up the game-winning score in the Eagles' 23-21 win but was drawn up on the spot.

Inside the Eagles: Eagles receivers love quarterback Nick Foles
If Nick Foles turns out to be as good as Sunday's last-second victory made him out to be, there won't be anyone as joyous than the Eagles wide receivers.

Foles' poise, progress impressing teammates
Nick Foles' poise and progress under center has his teammates singing his praises and has the Eagles hopeful they've found their quarterback of the future.

Eagles' Confidence In Nick Foles Is Growing - Birds 24/7
As rookie tackle Dennis Kelly put it, there were no "movie-quality quotes" out of Nick Foles in the final moments against the Bucs Sunday. He did not grab a facemask or launch into any inspirational speeches. Yet Andy Reid said afterwards that Foles was able to rally his teammates down the stretch and made everyone play better.

Forget Draft Position: Nick Foles’ Defining Performance Gives Eagles Hope for the Future
There are going to be some folks who either can’t or won’t enjoy the Eagles 23-21 victory over Tampa Bay. I feel sorry for them. Was the win ultimately meaningless? Yes. Did it have a negative impact on their rising draft position? Yes. But dammit, this was an important win for Philadelphia. It cemented Nick Foles as the future of their franchise.

10 Things We Know We're Ticked Off About - Buccaneers vs. Eagles - Bucs Nation
The Bucs choked away a playoff possibility by dumping one to the lowly Eagles. Here's 10 things we're totally ticked off about.

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