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Eagles vs Cowboys: Andy Reid well aware of Dallas threats

Years of playing one another twice a year means there aren't many surprises between the Eagles and Cowboys

Tom Pennington

At this point, there's not a lot that Andy Reid doesn't know about the Dallas Cowboys and vice versa. So when the coach spoke today, he was pretty clear on the certain guys that will present possible matchup problems. Mostly because they always have....

First and foremost is DeMarcus Ware, who is most likely to spend his afternoon lined up across from Demetress Bell on the left.

"Well, DeMarcus flops sides, but that's [Bell's] natural side," Reid said. "That's where he's played the most and where he's most comfortable. Listen, any time you have an opportunity to play DeMarcus Ware, you're talking about one of the best defensive ends in the National Football League. So, you've got to be on your ‘A'-game. We've got a lot of respect for him."

Dallas does have some new blood, most notably in the secondary, but as far the scheme they're going to play, Reid says they know what to expect.

"I think both teams know each other and what they're about, although both teams have a couple of additions here and there. Dallas has got their secondary that they've retooled a bit. But, I think scheme-wise, you kind of know each other and now it's important that you go out and you execute."

The familiarity between the teams should help LeSean McCoy, who has missed most of this week's practice with an illness.

"A lot of the guys are a lot of the same guys they've had and have been familiar with them for a little bit," McCoy told reporters today. "I'm not a rookie. I know my assignments from the blitzes and pickups, the protections, the plays called. I think the coaches trust me on that in [those] types of situations. And I've been here before where I haven't practiced and actually played through different injuries. I really haven't missed too many games in my career so far so I'll be fine."

McCoy returned to practice today and other than a lingering cough, Reid says he's feeling much better and on track to play Sunday.

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