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What are the odds on Sean Payton as Eagles coach?

If there is something possible in the sports world, someone is going to set odds on it.

Chris Graythen

You probably saw at some point last week the news that Sean Payton's contract extension signed with the Saints was voided by the NFL. That means that as of right now, he'll be a "free agent" at the end of this season and can go coach wherever he likes.

As I said in that story, Payton will most likely just sign a new deal with the Saints and remain their coach. He hasn't given any indication he would want to leave and the general feeling among people who know him is that he'll stay.

Still, since he won't have a contract at year's end, there is at least a chance he could end up elsewhere. And what is that chance? Well, has put a number on it, releasing the odds for the 3 talked about possible destination for Payton next year.

New Orleans Saints 2/7

Dallas Cowboys 4/1

Philadelphia Eagles 10/1

Other Team 3/1

So they see pretty strong odds that Payton will be back in New Orleans, but 4/1 isn't terribly long odds that he'll be in Dallas.

By the way, they also released updated Super Bowl odds and the Eagles are 90/1.

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