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The Linc - Firing Castillo a "miscalculation?"

News & notes from around the web for November 6th


Decision to fire Castillo a "miscalculation"
It may sound like an obvious statement after the last two games, but the Eagles' decision to fire Juan Castillo over the bye week was labeled as a "miscalculation" by one of the team's decision-makers following a 28-13 loss to the Saints on Monday night.

Offensive Line Crumbling In Front Of Vick | Birds 24/7
The Saints entered the game with just 13 sacks on the entire season and were dead last as a defense overall, but looked potent against this decimated front. Seven sacks for the Saints Monday night, and 12 quarterback hits.

Celek's early gaffe put Eagles in tough hole
The Eagles never recovered after Brent Celek bobbled a pass in the end zone, which turned into an early 99-yard pick-six for the Saints.

Phil Sheridan: Eagles once again have quit on Andy Reid
It should be shocking, the way the Eagles humiliated themselves on national television in a 28-13 loss to the Saints on Monday night. But didn't we see exactly the same game last year in Seattle? A defense that has no interest in tackling or contact, an offense that just can't get started. It was all there in that nationally televised debacle.

Is This the End? Eagles Flatline in New Orleans
That was hard to watch. This entire season, even when things seemed to be going well, has been hard to watch. Eagles Insiders : Tuesday Morning Quarterback: No defense for defense
Unlike the first six games of the season, in which the unit run by Juan Castillo gave them a chance to win all but one game in the fourth quarter, the defense under successor Todd Bowles, elevated when Castillo was deemed not worthy of keeping his job, has given up so many points early in these last two games that the fourth quarter has hardly mattered.

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