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Evan Mathis set to start at C Sunday

The Eagles already beat up offensive line loses another


When the Eagles face the Cowboys this Sunday, they will be down to their 3rd center of the year. And this guy isn't even actually a center.

Marty Mornhinweg announced that Evan Mathis is in line to start at center this Sunday will Dallas Reynolds doubtful.

"We have great confidence in Evan [Mathis]. He's practiced there just a little bit during the season. That will be our third center. Going on the road with the crowd and all those things, that's important. We're focusing in on that. We have excellent confidence in Evan. The reasons why is, first of all, he's a really good player. Second of all, he's a sharp man. We've had several blitz meetings already and he's got it down that way with that part of it."

I don't know about you, but I was very comforted to hear "he's practiced there just a little bit during the season." The curious thing here is that the Eagles actually have a 3rd string center on their roster (Matt Tennant), but Mathis, a guard, is getting a start. Marty was asked about that yesterday.

"There is a host of reasons for that. We have an excellent guard [Danny Watkins] who is back healthy, so we are moving him back to left guard. He's had experience and Evan has had great experience within our system. We think Matt is an excellent player and will certainly help us here, and it may be very, very quickly. He is still in a learning curve and all those things, but he may very well help us here."

Danny Watkins has, of course, never played left guard before... So we'll now have 2 guys playing brand new positions Sunday. That should work out great.

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