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The 2012 Eagles Player Awards

This is a guest piece from Greg Gilderman, senior editor at the Daily Beast and occasional contributor at Philadelphia Magazine. As a lifelong Eagles fan, Greg wanted to hand out some awards to the 2012 team.

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The 2012 Eagles Player Awards

It's no secret that the 2012 Eagles have been touched by greatness. From the general manager to the left tackle(s), from the defensive coordinator(s) to the defensive secondary - let's just say old Merriam-Webster can drop the word "greatness" and replace it with "2012 Eagles." So who cares if the season isn't over? Let ceremony begin.

The Izel Jenkins "Burnt Toast" Award for Pass Coverage

To Kurt Coleman, who put the "free" in "free safety", as in "you're free to catch over me, free to run over me, free to drag my ass into the end zone for a touchdown." The 61-yard Santana Moss touchdown reception in week 12 pretty much summed up what we have with this guy.

The Jerome McDougal Award for Outstanding Draft Pick

To Danny Watkins, who makes Mike Mamula seem like the Eagles' version of finding Tom Brady in the sixth round. Draft day 2013 tip for the Eagles: you are about to waste a first-round pick if your candidate A) has less football experience than the average player in the Central vs. Northeast game; B) broke an ankle in last three years; C) finished college later than your friend with the ceramic bong collection.

The Rich Kotite Excellence in Coaching in Award

Todd Bowles is making a late run, but it has to go to Jim Washburn, who gave us both the Wide-9 and Jason Babin.

The Todd Pinkston "Hands of Gold" Receiving Award

To Jeremy Maclin, for all the drops, the unwillingness to catch a pass if he thinks he might actually get hit, the whining to the refs, for being so bad at times this year that for a minute I thought he was part of the offensive line.

The Michael Vick Coach Killer Award

To Michael Vick, who may have done more damage to Andy Reid than even Andy Reid has done to Andy Reid. Vick can't read a defense, can't protect the ball, can't pass deep, can't run that well anymore, and can't take responsibility when everyone around him is getting shredded in the media. His next coach may want to think about that - just ask Dan Reeves and Jim Mora.

The Jason Babin "I Can't Look at This Guy Without Getting Annoyed" Award

With Babin gone, the award goes to, in no particular order: Nnamdi Asomugha, Demetress Bell, Brent Celek when he celebrates a first down, Kurt Coleman when he arrives 20 minutes late to a tackle, and pretty much anyone who laughs or smiles on the sideline while the team implodes.

This one's for all of you; you're all winners.

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