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The Linc - Eagles know they're a laughingstock

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Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

Celek: 'Teams come in here and laugh at us'
The Eagles are sick of losing, but with each passing week, the team becomes more and more embarrassing to the rest of the NFL.

Instant Analysis: Foles still a question mark
Nick Foles hasn't shown anything spectacular yet, but he must continue to play so the Eagles can find out exactly what they have in the QB.

Former Eagle rips players for lack of leadership
Former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Troy Vincent believes coach Andy Reid deserves to finish out this season, adding that he is "offended'' by the lack of leadership he has witnessed from players during a lost season.

Philadelphia Eagles can win again very soon -
— Contrary to the overreaction being heard throughout the talk-radio airwaves of discontent, turning the Philadelphia Eagles into championship contenders again can be achieved in one fundamentally sound offseason. Granted, that's much easier said than done, but the Eagles have many superb players who can and will win in a different environment that has to be created by the next head coach and/or defensive coordinator.

Now looks like a good time for Lurie to fire Reid
Andy Reid roamed the Eagles sideline just after the national anthem and it was hard not to look at the coach and think: "This might be the last time Cap'n Andy steers this ship."

A few bright spots in Eagles' loss, but mostly a lot of eerily quiet uncertainty
ABOUT A THIRD of them stayed home, and a bunch more left at halftime, the empty seats making their own statement on a cold November night. A lot of the rest pretty obviously gave the tickets to their kids, as if it were an exhibition game. It is what happens in a season such as this.

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