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Week 12 NFL open thread

Jamie Squire

Our team plays tomorrow night, which means Eagles fans can at least have one Sunday where they aren't pulling their hair out and cursing at the TV. Actually, given the 2 of 3 other NFC East teams have played, there's really not all that much we as Eagles fans have to be truly invested in today.

As sad as it is, we're at the point now where we're looking at draft positioning. The games of note there are Oakland at Cincinatti where the Raiders win would help the Eagles. Pittsburgh at Cleveland is an interesting game as the Browns are one of the few teams with a worse record than the Eagles. Charlie Batch will start at QB for Pittsburgh, so Cleveland has a half decent chance to steal a win at home.

Tennessee at Jacksonville is a matchup of two bad teams, one of which at 4-6 is behind the Eagles and one at 1-9 is in line for the top overall pick. Denver is at the 1-9 Chiefs, so it seems unlikely the Eagles will pick up any ground on KC.

Otherwise, there's a whole slew of 4-6 that if the Eagles beat the 2-8 Panthers will become very relevant. It's kind of scary to think that another win could potentially drop the Eagles 5-6 in the draft while doing virtually nothing in terms of playoff hopes.

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