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Michael Vick Moves to Phase 2 of Concussion Recovery

Michael Heiman

Michael Vick is getting close to being able to return to the field- but will the Eagles let him?

Reuben Frank of Comcast Sports Net was told by Eagles head trainer Rick Burkholder today that Vick has moved into Phase 2 of his recovery from the concussion he suffered against the Dallas Cowboys.

Vick is now able to work out and lift weights. Andy Reid told the media yesterday that he anticipated Vick working out at some point this week. Vick has not been ruled out for this Monday's game against the Carolina Panthers and still needs to pass some tests before being able to return to the field.

While it is a positive sign for Vick that he has begun to recover from what by all accounts was a very serious concussion, it does present the Eagles with a dilemma- play Vick or stick with Foles?

The answer may seem obvious as the Eagles stand at 3-7 and need to look ahead. With a contract that is set to pay him over $17 million next year, it seems to be a forgone conclusion that Vick will be gone next year. If that is the case, playing Foles is the logical choice- see what you have now with Foles, then decide on Vick in the off-season.

Much like the Jason Peters decision, however, it is not as simple as it seems. For now at least, the decision on who plays and who doesn't still belongs to Reid. Will Reid put Vick back under center, thinking it gives him a better chance to win now? Or stay with Foles, try to win with the rookie, and hope that buys him another chance.

Foles did not do himself any favors last week with his play. While it was his 1st start, Foles was inaccurate and did not look very impressive. Even on plays where Foles faced no pressure, he was just 16 of 33 for 141 yards and 1 interception. Reid and the Eagles could play Foles on Monday vs the Carolina Panthers, and if he doesn't improve, play Vick on the logic of "letting Foles sit back and watch." That logic would not go over well with the fans, however.

Of course, ultimately the decision might be taken away from him. Many have speculated that the one way Reid could lose his job mid-season is to demand to play Vick. If that is the case, Lurie could decide it is more important to see what the Eagles have in Foles than it is to keep a good relationship with Vick.

Reid is going to have to make this decision, and with Vick improving by the day, that decision is going to have to be made soon.

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