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The Linc - What are Eagles tickets worth these days?


Any Interest in Trading Your Eagles-Panthers Tickets for 28 Fun-Size Snickers and a Bag of Blow Pops?

While out shopping for additional stuffing mix and a Belgian sampler, I received the following e-mail from Level reader "Jeff" ...Hi, I'm willing to trade my leftover Halloween candy for tickets to the Eagles - Panthers game.

Also under fire, Panthers' Rivera feels for Reid
The Panthers' Ron Rivera may be the only NFC head coach with a hotter seat than Andy Reid, and the one-time Eagles LB coach feels for his former boss.

Eagles' Andy Reid needs to put Nick Foles in a position to succeed
IT IS HARD TO know exactly how the game-planning conversation goes, because none of us has ever been in the room with Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg. Both have their conversational crutches - Reid always gets around to talking about just trying to win the

espnW 53rd Man -- Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Nate Menkin working to prove his potential - espnW
Nate Menkin didn't have NFL aspirations growing up, but finds himself on the Philadelphia Eagles' roster working hard to earn a spot in the lineup.

Scott to start as frustrated Watkins nurses ankle
Injured right guard Danny Watkins said his ankle is still not 100 percent but it's getting better. Veteran Jake Scott, who was signed last week and played against the Redskins, will start Monday night against the Panthers, according to Andy Reid.

An Eagles Thanksgiving Roundup

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