Future Eagles Watch: Luke Joeckel

"I think he is better than Joe Thomas and Matt Kalil," one NFL GM said of Joeckel, comparing him to a pair of top-five picks who immediately started at left tackle in the NFL. "I have not seen all the tackles yet, but I would be shocked if there were a better tackle than (Joeckel). Just watch his bend, movement and athleticism ­— he’s fun to watch."

-Anonymous NFL GM

WOW! I do not believe that, but an NFL scout saying that about anyone, comparing them to a Joe Thomas or Kalil is pretty damn amazing. Is he that good?

Joeckel vs LSU:

Sam Montgomery is the guy Joeckel has to block,(Left Tackle) and he quiets him like a baby. He didn't get a sack and had one pressure, but Johnny Football was holding the ball for an eternity on that play. The Aggies had some big runs running Joeckel's way, including a TD early right behind him.Montgomery was manhandled, a known to be a baller, he seemed to concede defeat to Joeckel. He couldn't even utilize any pass rushing moves because he kept on running into a brick wall. Jake Matthews, meanwhile struggles vs Barkaverious Mingo.

Luke Joeckel vs Jackson Jeffcoat

This was the game Jeffcoat tore his pectoral, but we did see a good sample size of this matchup. Joeckel didn't give a single sack, and played impressively. He did get beat a couple of times, but recovered to get a second block on Jeffcoat. His burst was incredibly fast on run blocks and got to the second level fairly easily.


  • Technique: 10/10
  • Athleticism: 9/10
  • Vs Speed Rushers: 10/10
  • Vs Stronger Rushers: 9/10
  • Burst: 10/10
  • Ability to Get to Second Level: 10/10
  • Size: 10/10
  • Maturity: 10/10
  • Vs star Pass Rushers: 10/10
  • Mauling ability: 9/10

Total Grade: 97/100

Matt Kalil got a 98(just for reference)

It wouldn't hurt for him to be an Eagle if we have a top 7 pick, what do you think?

I will post more prospects that could become a Philadelphia Eagle....