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Are the Eagles the worst team in the NFL?

Would it be an overreaction to call the Eagles the worst team in the NFL?

Rob Carr

The Eagles are undoubtedly a bad football team. They are firmly on track for a top 10, if not 5 pick in the 2013 draft. They're awful... but are they the worst team in the NFL right now?

The short answer is no. There's really no solid argument you can make as to why the Eagles are worse than the Jaguars or Chiefs. Both of those teams are just 1-9 and have point differentials of -125 and -132. The Eagles, at 3-7 with a differential of -90 just aren't that bad yet.

So if they're not the worst or second worst, where do they rank? The Browns and Panthers have worse records, but at 2-8 it's only by one game. The Panthers have a point differential of only -59 and the Browns' is -45, both noticeably better than the Eagles. Both teams also rank above the Eagles in total offense and defense.

Despite worse records, I think it's clear that you can make a good argument that the Browns are Panthers are better teams than the Eagles right now.

There are also 2 other teams who, like the Eagles, have 3 wins so we have to consider them as well. The Oakland Raiders are really bad with a point differential of -114. They rank marginally better than the Eagles on offense, but are the dead last worst defense in the NFL giving up over 32 points a game. That's a full TD worse than the Eagles. On balance, I would say that the Raiders are a worse team right now.

The Rams are 3-6-1 and winless in their last 5 games. They've got a point differential of -63 and rank very close in both offense and defense. They're probably pretty much equal at this point.

So given all that, here are my bottom 7 teams in the NFL.

32. Chiefs

31. Jaguars

30. Raiders

29. Eagles

28. Panthers

27. Browns

26. Rams

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