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Eagles vs. Redskins Duds and Duds

By Jordan Raanan, XFINITY Sports NFL Columnist and Writer

Rob Carr

Until further notice, this day-after element has been rebranded 'Duds and Duds.' There is nothing positive to take from this Eagles season or any of the last six games.

The Eagles have dropped all six, and done so in a strikingly unimpressive fashion. It's been ugly. So ugly that the stud has been rendered extinct.

You can try all you want. I dare you to find a stud in Sunday's 31-6 loss in Washington. I double-dog dare you. You're not going to be able to do it with a straight face.

The entire Eagles team (offense, defense, special teams) was brutal. Just brutal. All it did was leave plenty of options for duds. Again, thanks for your votes.

People's Dud #1

Kurt Coleman - This is really the product of season-long frustration and two ugly-looking plays that cost the Eagles 14 points and turned the game into a blowout. The first came with 4:50 left in the third quarter when Robert Griffin threw a terrible Hail Mary pass to the double-teamed 5-foot-10 Santana Moss. Coleman misplayed the ball so badly that he turned the wrong way, tripped, fell and didn't touch a pass that undoubtedly should have been intercepted. At the very, very, very least, it should have been knocked down. Instead, it went for a demoralizing 61-yard touchdown. The other embarrassing play for Coleman came early in the fourth quarter when Logan Paulsen carried him into the end zone on the final seven yards of his 17-yard touchdown reception. Both plays looked ugly. They were ugly. It was a bad look for Coleman, who we know at this point is overmatched as a starting safety in the NFL. Nice guy. Tries hard. Lacks the talent and athleticism to thrive in the league as a starter.

Raanan's Dud #1

Nick Foles - I know, it's was his first career start. But Foles did the one thing he couldn't do-put the Eagles in an early hole with turnovers. That's exactly what happened. He made bad throws on the Eagles' first two possessions for interceptions. (Yes, that first interception was a bad throw that needed to be low or not at all.) They were unforgivable. The bad decisions, confusion, mental mistakes and missed open receivers that followed, that is all expected from a rookie quarterback making his first career start. Turnovers on the first two drives is not, no matter how little experience you bring to the table. And Foles didn't do much after those first two drives to atone for his sins.

People's Dud #2

Andy Reid - You can basically look anywhere for a reason to have Reid on this list. They're all legit. His Eagles team is playing pathetic, mistake-filled football. There were penalties, turnovers, drops and inexcusable breakdowns. All of it-including the six straight losses-can be pinned on the Eagles head coach. Still, the primary reason for his inclusion on this list according you was having LeSean McCoy on the field down 25 with two minutes remaining. McCoy, the Eagles' best player, suffered a concussion on a running play from the Eagles' own 36-yard line with 1:58 to play. Inexcusable. And Reid's reasoning that he was still trying to put points on the board and win the game, I call B.S. Nice try. Have fun attempting to keep control of the locker room after this one Big Red.

Raanan's Dud #2

King Dunlap - Let's remember this every time King trots onto the field: The Eagles had no intention of re-signing him until Jason Peters shredded his Achilles. There is a reason for that-he can't play! That was evident again Sunday when Dunlap started at left tackle and had trouble blocking Redskins outside linebacker Rob Jackson, who had a sack, hurry and a tackle for a loss in the contest. Jackson, a fifth-year pro, was making just his eighth career start and had just one solo sack in his career prior to Sunday.

Jordan Raanan has covered the NFL since 2005. Follow him on Twitter @JordanRaanan, on Facebook or email him at

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