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Eagles vs Redskins final score: Eagles crushed 31-6 at FedEx Field

The Eagles fall to 3-7 as they lost their 6th straight.

Patrick Smith

The Washington Redskins blew out the Philadelphia Eagles 31-6 at FedEx Field. It's the Eagles 6th consecutive loss and 4th consecutive blowout.

Just to put how bad this Eagles team is in context... This is their 6th straight loss, which is the longest losing streak since Rich Kotite's 1994 team lost 7 straight to the end the season. He was fired after the year, which certainly looks like the fate Andy Reid is headed for. In fact, the question right now seems to be more "when" rather than "if."

This game was just another in a long line of embarrassments this season, full of such ineptitude that it's really become comical. This isn't simply a case of bad luck or coming up short... they're losing in spectacular fashion. Let's just list a few of the laughers from this one.

1st drive of the game... Nick Foles actually does a good job stepping up to avoid pressure on a 3rd down and delivers what should be a 1st down strike to Brent Celek. However, Celek lets the ball bounce right off his hands and into those of DeAngelo Hall for the pick. About 2 plays later Nate Allen just doesn't cover Darrell Young out of the backfield and he strolls in for a completely uncontested TD.

2nd quarter... Nnamdi Asomugha appears to be playing zone on the outside while Nate Allen bites upfield on who knows what, leaving Aldrick Robinson waiting in the end zone with no Eagle within 10 yards of him for a free 49 yard TD.

3rd quarter... RG3 is under pressure and makes a silly throw that it literally just a duck tossed up for grabs. Kurt Coleman, Brandon Boykin & Santana Moss are waiting for it like a punt. Coleman doesn't even jump, Boykin seemingly gets behind the WR and Moss actually catches the ball and falls over for a TD. A double covered WR on a ball tossed up for grabs and the offense gets a TD. That is the peak of futility.

There was a lot more bad, but at least those were the examples we can laugh at. Nick Foles fumbled twice when hit in the pocket and threw an INT straight to Brandon Merriweather. You could give him a pass for the INT to Celek, but #2 was on him.

Overall, it was hard to see much positive from Foles' performance. He completed just 45% of his passes for 4.4 yards per attempt and a 40.5 QB rating. He was under pretty heavy pressure for most of the day, this was his first ever start... There are plenty of valid excuses you can make, but the reality is that he just hasn't show much so far. Still, he should remain the starter to see if these growing pains lead to any growth.

And just to cap it all off, carrying the ball on a meaningless play at the end of a blowout, LeSean McCoy takes a big hit to the head and has to be carted off the field with a dazed look in his eyes.

I'd say this is rock bottom, but really there's no evidence of that. Things just continue to deteriorate.

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