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What is your setup for Sunday?

We're doing a series of posts looking at how you watch the games on Sunday sponsored by Samsung.


For me, there are 2 separate setups I employ on gameday and they totally depend on where I am. I live outside of the Eagles broadcast area now, so if the game isn't on at my house, I go down to south jersey to watch the games at my family's house. Down there, of course I've got my laptop open most of the time where I'm on BGN and twitter. But we watch the game on a big flatscreen with full surround sound.

Though, if I had to pick the defining characteristic of watching the game there, it's the food.

At home, it's a much more solo experience. I usually don't have anyone over, I've got my laptop open at all times, I'm usually texting back and forth with my brothers and friends, my tablet is on to monitor my fantasy team, and of course the flat screen has the game. It's definitely screen overload.

How do you watch the games on Sunday?

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