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DeMeco Ryans is a pretty good tackler

According to Pro Football Focus, DeMeco Ryans is the most efficient tackling LB in the NFL.

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Pro Football Focus released another in their series of signature stats this week, with the latest looking at the tackling efficiency of linebackers.

The equation they use is pretty simple = (Tackles + Assists + Missed Tackles) / Missed Tackles

And it's in proportion to how many tackle attempts a guy has made.

Coming in at #1 on their list is the Eagles own DeMeco Ryans with a score of 72. He's made 57 tackles, assisted on 14 and missed just one this season. We've all certainly seen that Ryans has represented a big upgrade in the middle, but I have to admit that seeing he's been this good has been a surprise.

If there is a full scale clean out of high priced after this season, as we expect there will be, Ryans may certainly be one of the few that is immune.

That said, all the news is not good at LB. As we've seen with these PFF lists, there's always a top and a bottom and invariably we've seen an Eagle amongst that bottom. This week's representative is rookie Mychal Kendricks, who comes in 3rd from the bottom. Kendricks has made 36 tackles this year, assisted on 7 and missed a whopping 11.

Now, PFF does point out that outside linebackers on average have noticeably lower tackling efficiency scores than middle linebackers. Plus, more than half of Kendricks missed tackles (6) came in one game against the Steelers.

This weekend, the pair of Ryans & Kendricks will certainly have their hands full with a Washington team who is currently 2nd in the NFL in rushing. They're led by rookie Alfred Morris with just under 800 yards on the season so far. However, the scariest running threat on the team is probably rookie QB Robert Griffin III who has 529 yards on 81 carries. Kendricks, with his speed, will certainly be key in making sure RG3 doesn't get around the edge on a bootleg.

The Redskins really are the best rushing attack the Eagles have faced all year, by quite some margin. The 2nd best rushing team they've faced this year is the Giants, who come in at 13th.

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