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Eagles have not answered the "Call of Duty"

Rich Schultz

We're doing a sponsorship this week in conjunction with the new Call of Duty game and it is supposed to involve how our team has answered that "call" this season. Only, the Eagles haven't. They've done the opposite. The "Call of Duty" was placed and they sent it to voicemail.

But this Sunday represents an interesting opportunity. I'm not saying this will happen given the track record of the offensive braintrust, but it could...

The Eagles really have a chance to press reset. With Vick at QB there was a whole picture of what Andy Marty wanted the offense to be. There were a range of things they thought he could do that they wanted to try. But with Vick gone, so are those plans and as much as they'll you the playbook doesn't change with Foles, that's just not true. He is a very different QB with a different skill set than Vick.

He's also got a lot less experience and NFL instincts at this point. So while Foles' size might give him some advantages over Vick right now, in almost all other categories he is less likely to be as effective in this offense this weekend than Vick would be. So how could the Eagles respond?

Well, one strategy would obviously be to rely more on the running game. If you take the onus off Foles to throw 40 times in this game, the chances that he's more successful with the opportunities he does have clearly goes up. We saw last week that when he was in a position where he was playing catchup and the Eagles had to throw a lot, his fundamentals really broke down. Which is not really unexpected from a rookie QB in first ever start. On a few plays, most notably the duck he threw up for grabs across his body while being hit (which Maclin actually caught) you could see he was doing to much.

So don't put him in that position. Give the ball to McCoy early and often while working in Bryce Brown to give McCoy a break.

Now, the Redskins have been very good against the run this season ranking amongst the top 10 in terms of yards per game. But it's worth noting that they give up the most yards per carry amongst those top 10 rush defenses. So there are opportunities. Problem is, the Skins are also the 3rd worst team in the NFL against the pass so can Andy Marty resist using that excuse to throw 40 times in this game?

By the way, one interesting stat that was passed to me by Dan Klausner today. The Redskins are 0-8 against rookie QBs since 2006.

Check out the trailer for Call of Duty, which is available now at Best Buy

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