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Dennis Kelly on the move to RT?

With Danny Watkins potentially back at RG, the Eagles may be sliding rookie Dennis Kelly out to RT

Rich Schultz

It appears as though the rotating cast of characters at RT may have a new face in rookie Dennis Kelly. With Danny Watkins looking to set to make his return at RG, reports are that the Eagles may slide Kelly out to RT in place of King Dunlap, who would move back to LT in place of Demetress Bell.

Kelly started at LT for his entire career at Purdue, but has worked at guard for most of his time in the NFL so far. Still, given what Kelly told CSNPhilly's Ruben Frank today, it seems like he'd be more comfortable at tackle.

"A lot more blitzes come when you're inside," Kelly said. "When you're at tackle, you pretty much know who you're going to get the whole time -- you have the end. And so especially in the last couple weeks, I think they kind of knew to bring some blitzes my way, so there's a lot of action coming toward me, so it was quite a bit to grab.

"Not having played guard in college at all ... it is a different type of game going up against a different type of player. A lot more physical. You're definitely into more of a dogfight every play."

Either way, it's not an exactly ideal situation but when things are as bad as they are at the moment, trying anything different isn't a bad idea.

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