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PFF looks at Eagles o-line struggles vs Dallas

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We certainly don't need PFF's game charting data to tell us that the Eagles offensive line was awful against the Cowboys (or against anyone else for that matter). However, it is interesting to see which guys they pick out for criticism.

First, Dennis Kelly was actually named to PFF's "had a bad day" team as the 2nd worst guard of the week according to their charting.

Guards: Shelley Smith, STL (-5.1) and Dennis Kelly, PHI (-4.4)

Smith was so bad he probably made the Rams reconsider letting Quinn Ojinnaka go, while the performance of Kelly likely promoted the Eagles to go out and pay Jake Scott. Guards shouldn’t give up as much pressure as the 12 combined QB disruptions these two did.

Even worse than Kelly though, was Demetress Bell.

After the nightmare outing in New Orleans the week before, the Eagles switched their remaining tackles, with Demetress Bell (-5.7) on the left side and King Dunlap (+0.3) on the right. Like many involved in this game, both of their performances were plagued with penalties, but otherwise the two performed very differently. Dunlap only surrendered three hurries in 53 pass blocking attempts while Bell, on the other hand, was responsible for two sacks, a hit, and two hurries.

They did note that Bell had a tougher matchup in DeMarcus Ware, but he also gave up pressures and a sack to 3 other guys. It was interesting to get their take on Dunlap, who aside from the penalties seemed to play at least average.

One other interesting note on Nnamdi Asomugha. He was only targeted once in this game and the pass was incomplete.

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