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The Linc - So-so reviews for Foles, just plain bad for Reid

News & notes from around the web for November 12th


Eagles quarterback Nick Foles plays like a, well, rookie
As if it wasn't already clear, the Eagles confirmed Sunday that their season is beyond the point of repair. If the last hope of the hopeless, the untested rookie quarterback, can't turn things around and write a storybook ending to the season, then the Eagles will remain locked in the non-fiction aisle. And the facts there aren't pretty.

Foles has auspicious debut in Eagles' loss
Rookie Nick Foles had an auspicious debut in the Eagles' 38-23 loss to the Cowboys on Sunday, throwing for 219 yards, a touchdown and an interception.

Eagles fans more than ready to move on from Andy Reid | Detroit Free Press |
The signs of Andy Reid fan fatigue mixed with the music, laughter and smells of tailgating Philadelphia Eagles fans outside Lincoln Financial Field on a balmy Sunday afternoon in November.

What Is the Most Effective Medium to Get Your Fire Andy Message Across?
It's an age old question: what is the most effective medium to get your message of wanting a football coach fired across to the ownership? There's the regular old chanting during games, but that's been done a thousand times. Then there's the traditional spray paint on an old sheet and hang it somewhere in the parking lot or stadium. There's also the witty t-shirt option. But if you really want to go big, you need a mobile billboard on a big old truck. [photos below]

Eagles reach a new low under Andy Reid
To be an Eagles fan is to be an expert in disappointment, a connoisseur of dashed hopes.

Inked Up: Eagles’ Vinny Curry
Vinny Curry talks tattoos with Fox Sports

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