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Texans at Jets Monday Night Football Game Thread

The undefeated Texans take on the 2-2 Jets tonight on Monday night football

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Tonight should be a site to see. ESPN will be showing a game in which their absolute most favorite player in all of sports will be playing. If you've been watching any of the pre-game you'll already have have heard Tim Tebow's name 100,000 times. It will be surely be the most coverage a backup QB has ever gotten on Monday Night Football.

And when the game starts, it will be very interesting to see how far ESPN takes it. Will they constantly cut to Tebow after every Mark Sanchez incompletion? I'm guess yes. Whatever it is though, its sure to be a complete and total joke. Kind of like this column Skip Bayless wrote today as the ESPN hype machine chugged to life.

What this young man was born to do is take an undermanned team that's losing hope and make it believe it has a chance. He ignites. He inspires. He turns Hulk in huddles and after converting game-saving third downs.

Tebow can turn Shonn Greene into McGahee, Stephen Hill into DeMaryius Thomas, an offensive line still featuring three Pro Bowlers from last year into proud road graders paving the way for the NFL's No. 1 rushing attack. Tebow can help rescue a defense stranded on Revis Island without Darrelle Revis and turn it back into a bunch of tough, experienced, well-coached playmakers.

So strap in. Because its going to be quite a ride tonight. This is the network that literally ditched all other news to go wall to wall to Tebow during an entire SportsCenter. They ditched most of their NFL coverage for a week this summer to camp out at Jets camp and report on Tebow's adventures as a backup. They've take their old obsession with Brett Favre and blown it up to an embarrassing degree.

Their corporate directive is literally, like for real confirmed, "You can't talk enough Tebow."

The sheer absurdity of it all should be fun.

Oh and the team that might very well be the best in the NFL is also playing tonight, but don't expect to hear much about that.

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