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Michael Vick getting more comfortable as turnovers disappear

After a mistake filled start to the season, Michael Vick did not turn the ball over against the Giants and hasn't thrown a pick in two weeks

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Last week against the Giants was the first turnover-free performance of the season by Michael Vick. It actually marked the 2nd straight week he did not throw an interception, so the trend is at least heading in the right direction.

But how has he cleaned up his play? Is there something different he did against New York to limit turnovers, Vick says "not really."

"I've always felt that I could play that way," Vick said. "Sometimes you just get in situations where you just try to force things and make things happen. Sometimes that can be kryptonite for a quarterback, when you know you can get it done and you try so hard you don't let it come naturally. Sometimes it can hurt you. You get into a groove, you learn to play within the system and just try to do that over and over again."

The idea of not forcing things was most evident last week on what ended up being the game winning drive. With under two minutes left, down by a point and near the goal line on third down, the Eagles called a roll out for Vick that gave him 3 options. He could throw to the two receivers had ran routes to the direction he rolled out, he could run it in or he could just turtle in bounds and take the FG.

The latter two options weren't there. The receivers were covered and Vick had no lanes to run. Problem is, that hasn't necessarily stopped him this season. We've seen him throw to those receivers and get picked, we've seen him take on those tacklers and fumble. Until last Sunday, we had not seen him choose option #3 enough, which is just live to fight another play.

By taking the safe decision, Vick literally won the game. Yes, Alex Henery had a job to do and yes of course the defense had a job... But if Vick tries to force something there, chances are its over before those guys ever have a chance to do their job. We can only hope that this isn't lost on Vick. He won that game, but not making a play on that 3rd down.

He says that as the weeks have gone by he's gotten more comfortable and expects to be making the right decision on a regular basis.

"Yeah, that's what happens as a quarterback. As the weeks go on you tend to get comfortable with what you're doing and the game plans and just trying to figure out how to manage the game. That's important and I take great pride in that. It's something that has to happen on a consistent basis."

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